Logging operations


With more than 40 years experience in the field of forestry, the Künkel Corporation has been able to develop its skills to pursue the optimal development of its product range

Künkel sources its raw material (timber) directly from forest owners in a geographical area extending across Lower and Upper Normandy, Brittany and Pays de Loire.

With leading-edge industrial equipment, the company optimises its production of pallets in both quality and dimensional terms.

A tree harvester in action


Visuel Abattage

  • Timber transportation after logging and processing, from the place they were felled to a suitable road.
  • The Künkel Corporation employs a tree harvester and a lumberjack.


Visuel Débardage

  • Hauling is the process of transporting felled trees or logs from the cutting site to the first transitional depot or roadside, where trees are cut into logs or grouped into larger loads for transport to the processing facility or final destination.
  • The Künkel Corporation has three forest forwarders to meet hauling needs.

Wood and timber trade

Visuel Négoce de bois

  • Softwood can be used to meet packaging and pulping needs.

  • A well-established system enables monitoring from the beginning of the process through to arrival at the factory and then with the customer.


Transport and shipping

CK TRANS is a transport company founded in 2004 by Christophe Künkel. The company’s aim is to provide services that complement and serve our entire line of production.

It has 14 vehicles that collect wood and timber from the forests and transport them to our company’s facility in Le Teilleul.

The trucks are then reloaded with pallets that are delivered directly to the customer.

The 14 vehicles are of various different types:

  • 5 flatbed trucks
  • 4 crane trucks
  • 4 trailer trucks
  • 1 Tautliner


Did you know ?

- Forest covers 30% of France, representing a total area of 16.4 million hectares

- Forests are a significant energy resource that is largely underexploited

- The annual volume logged in France is 42.3 million m³