Our commitments

The Künkel Corporation is rooted in local life and remains committed to it.

Through its various partners, Künkel has been able to develop its presence and support local and regional communities.

For a number of years, our sawmill and pallet manufacturing facilities have been sponsoring "La roue Teilleulaise” [“The Teilleul Wheelers"] cycling club, which is known for its very good results at a national level.

AAEP Handball (run by the Association des Amis des Ecoles Publiques du Teilleul: an association of friends of local schools) also benefits from the company's support.

In order to help its' customers get to know the area better, Künkel also sponsors a microlight flight over Mont Saint Michel as well as a boat in the port of Granville.

Visuel SMC
Visuel A.A.E.P. Le Teilleul
Visuel bateau Granville
Visuel ULM Mont Saint Michel

Malherbe Caen Stadium - partnership with Künkel Corporation

As a partner of the Malherbe Caen Stadium since 2009, Künkel has become the team's official partner and now sponsors the team’s shirts.

This investment helps develop brand awareness and image and promotes a profession that is an economic indicator and yet still very little known.

Sustainable development lies at the heart of our approach!


Forestry is the activity, along with all its associated methods and practices, that a "forester" uses to develop, manage and exploit a forest, or carry out afforestation, for economic benefit and to serve society’s needs.

When we exploit a parcel of land, we are committed to restoring it in order to make the forest sustainable. Such rich resources have to be continually renewed, something essential for the well-being of the planet but also from an economic perspective.

Our satisfied customers!

The Künkel Corporation, a manufacturer of new wooden pallets, is active throughout Northwestern France. We have a broad customer portfolio mainly based in Normandy, Brittany, Pays de Loire, Ile de France, and l’Oise.

Our customers are business customers from a range of industries:

Paper manufacturing, confectionary, industry, foods, and more.

Responsive, and always ready to listen and respond to specific client needs, Künkel differentiates itself through its strong and positive corporate culture.