The Künkel Corporation offers a wide range of products.

We are always evolving to meet customer needs and are able to provide a range of product sizes and models.

We offer a range of standard and custom-made pallets.

Our range includes dry pallets, half pallets, squares, boxes, pallets with chipboard bases, curved edge pallets, etc.





Did you know it?

- The pallet is an indicator of levels of economic activity

- It is solid, repairable, and can be customised to customer needs

- Pallets are seen as an essential business item

- The wooden pallet is core to logistical handling and storage operations

- The pallet sector develops through continuous improvement rather than radical changes


Two workshops with a total surface area of 5,000m² (1,800m² and 3,200m²) with the following equipment:

  • Four nailing lines with a potential production of between 250 and 300 pallets/hour
  • Three pneumatic nailing machines for specific shapes and sizes, and small quantities