The Künkel Corporation has a sawmill for processing untreated timber. The processed wood is then used for making pallets and other finished products.

Sawn wood is also sold in its raw state, always with a view to satisfying our customers with a diverse range of products.


Wood planks park



The sawmill facility covers a work area of 2,200m² made up of:

  • 1 log yard
  • 1 log chipper (2006) and a log saw
  • 3 multi-blade saws
  • A Combi : a sorter, squarer, and 2 automatic stackers



Our log yard can store a volume of up to 3,000m³.

The potential daily output of the sawmill is 300m³, with a permanent stock of about 2,000m³ of logs/billets.



We also offer a sharpening service on request, but this is primarily used to meet our internal needs.

We handle:

  • Circular blades
  • Ribbon blades
  • Grinders
  • Precision mechanical turning, milling

Available within 3 days/ Price on request


Did you know ?

- The sawmill sector is experiencing a trend towards the promotion of more sophisticated products than untreated timber

- In terms of volume, France is the fifth largest producer in Europe

- In France, the sector has experienced significant levels of consolidation in the last five years